This is to express my endorsement of Paulina Paczkowska. For the past ten years I have called upon her for assistance in graphic design and artwork, on and off the internet. She has been invaluable in helping to prepare presentations, brochures, and illustrations of my work. Paulina has taste, talent, and a great artistic eye for design, shape and form. Perhaps most important, I can attest to her remarkable technical skills in all aspects of computer art. She is always willing to pitch in to get jobs done under time pressure and is willing to work around the clock when the situation requires.

To sum up, I can say without qualification that any organization that is fortunate enough to add Paulina to its staff will be getting a tremendous asset.
John Safer, Sculptor [wiki]

It is a true joy to work with Paulina. She is a professional through and through. I have found that she has been able to bring even the most abstract verbal concepts to life, literally right before our eyes. I credit her incredible talent to her being an exceptional listener with an equally exceptional professional training, work ethic, humility, and commitment to constantly sharpen and invest in her production and artistic skills. The real testimony to Paulina’s ability to harness the power of the visual is the feedback that I get from people who say that my presentations simultaneously inspired them and deepened their understanding of the topic that I was presenting.
Kate Vogt, Author, Teacher, Facilitator, Presenter

Paulina is a delight to work with—creative, intelligent and she brings a smile to the workplace. Our clients are demanding and varied, and she never fails to meet their expectations. Paulina’s art direction and creative leadership talent is phenomenal! She brings a wide range of design aesthetics to her work, and is skilled in print, environmental graphics and web design. Her computer experience is across numerous programs, and she often gets to goal in the time it takes others to just get started. Needless to say we are very impressed with Paulina, and employ her skills whenever possible.
Dean Weldon, Creative Director/Principal, WE - Weldon Exhibits

Paulina! It’s great to have you on our team. You bring a lot of energy, creativity, expertise, and above all, a quick turnaround that we didn’t have. You captured the spirit of the “Taming Fire” project so perfectly for there were no objections to your creative solutions for the poster project. As you know, the “boss” likes efficiency and you delivered it to his liking. I am sure our path will cross again in your assuming a bigger role, perhaps that of a project manager. You have so many skills that we need as our organization grows.
As for my curatorial enterprise and upcoming exhibition, your graphic design, photography, and art training lend themselves into my talent pool. How lucky for me!
Hanna Regev, Independent Art Curator

Early in 2005, I commenced an internet search for a graphic designer and photoshop artist/expert which resulted in sixty qualified applicants. From this list, I hired five designers and gave them each the same photoshop task. My expectation was to slowly weed out the least capable candidates and finally produce a winner. Paulina's work was so superior to the others that after one round we stopped the contest and hired her to be our Art Director and Marketing Consultant. She has held this position ever since. As such, she helped launch Eka Monumental Sculpture in a dozen different ways. She works closely with me and with the internationally known sculptor, John Safer, collaborating on creative ideas, marketing projects and with helping us understand current technologies. Paulina is an important and cherished member of our company and we offer our highest recommendation for her skills, her character, her work ethic, and her infectious enthusiasm.
Kathryn Scott, Owner, eka monumental sculpture 
I worked with Paulina for several years at Academy Studios. She’s an excellent designer with a bold and adventurous style that she can readily adapt to any client’s needs. She’s the full package in that she is artistically creative as well as very capable technically and has always excelled in expressing her vision and seeing it through to execution. All this coupled with the fact that she is just a joy to work with make her a well- rounded candidate for any firm.
Bo Hick, Exhibit Designer

I cannot recommend Paulina Paczkowska highly enough. Her creative energy and enthusiasm for her work permeates every team, while her taste and contemporary design sensibility elevates every project. She is an effective verbal and visual communicator, and her years of experience in the museum industry lend a cross-platform expertise that is hard to find. Paulina is committed, hard working and an asset to every group.

Tami Stewart, Writer/Content Developer
I highly recommend Paulina Paczkowska as a creative director. I worked with her for three years at Academy Studios and saw her as serious and passionate about her work. Paulina’s sophisticated eye and extensive art background inevitably shows up in her design solutions. She is a natural leader, effective collaborator, and carries the project vision from start to finish. She upholds the highest professional standards, is committed to quality design, and always maintains her positive attitude. I am confident Paulina will be an asset to any organization.
John Vieira, Senior Designer and Production Manager, The Tech Museum

As a fabricator in the museum field for the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful folks who spend their lives dedicated to conceiving, designing and developing exhibits. Paulina stands out among so many. Unflappable and optimistic, any challenges and speed bumps to implementing the design would find Paulina ready and willing to meet with us in fabrication, and together work towards a solution. A problem never feels like a problem with Paulina in the mix. Her eye is always clear and quick, and her color and style are fresh.
It is always a joy to work with Paulina—she enjoys what she does so much, and lifts everyone around her.
Peter Gibbons, Exhibit Fabricator

I had the pleasure of working with Paulina Paczkowska at Academy Studios. From an administrative point of view, I cannot praise her enough for her gracious and graceful behavior as an employee.

Paulina is very passionate about her work, she takes great pride in taking on a project and giving it all her best. She has a very focused creativity; meaning she will be very consciously aware of the importance of producing her work on time, and yet she will make the work playfully creative. Paulina is a team worker that enjoys and values the opinions of her co-workers. Her positive behavior contributed to motivating and energizing her team players. She has a extensive knowledge of graphic design programs, photography and IT skills.
She is a good listener, responsible, on time, and hardworking. Any employer would be delighted to have such an employee.
Lulu Petrocchi, Human Resources